We are a Virtual Airline that revolves around a family atmosphere! We operate many regional aircraft and emulate the operations of SkyWest Airlines, Inc.


SkyWest Virtual Airlines was a twinkle in Andrew Conley's eye for more than a year. However, he did not have the pilots or the staff to be able to run it. With the help of some start-up staff literally pulled in off the street, SkyWest Virtual officially became a virtual airline on August 28, 2012.


Aircraft Type ICAO Code
Bombardier CRJ-200 CR2
Bombardier CRJ-700 CR7
Bombardier CRJ-900 CR9
Embraer Brazilia EMB0129 E20
Embraer E-175 (on order) E75
Mitshubitshi MRJ-90 (on order) MR9

Destinations and HubsEdit

Skywest Virtual Airlines flies to 50+ destinations across America, and has a hub in Salt Lake City.