"Whatever you are, you are welcome here" -Jack, CEO Sicily Air

About UsEdit

Sicily air is a virtual airline based in the GEFS-Online flight simulator. We strive to provide the friendliest enviorment possible. If you are experienced, you can go right in the thick of the finances, politics, and doing long haul routes. If you are less experienced, we have plenty of members willing to help you out. Everyone is welcome here, as long as you are respectful and show a will to try to learn, and try to succeed, you will be accepted.

Fleet and RoutesEdit

We are based in Sicily, with routes going to Europe, Asia, and Africa. We have some long haul routes to America, but we only have 1 long haul plane we can use, so it is much less popular. 

Our fleet consists of-

2 AN-140s

2 Cessna 152s

1 DC-3

1 MD-11

This is likely to get bigger in the future.